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Veterinary Studies

Veterinary Clinic Trials

We value veterinary clinical trials as a way to advance animal health, and provide answers to both veterinary and human medical questions.  Since many diseases affect humans and animals in similar manners, the translational medical benefits of performing veterinary clinical trials supports our One Health initiative.  The CRS can conduct studies under Good Clinical Practice (GCP) conditions for non-confirmatory or confirmatory clinical studies by aligning with Midwestern University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Our Midwestern University Partnership

The CRS partners with Midwestern University’s Companion Animal Clinic (CAC). Our CAC is an 111,800-square-foot clinic and AAHA- accredited veterinary hospital designed to serve the local community’s pets and their owners. CAC offers experienced and specialized veterinarians who also provide learning opportunities for the students of MWU’s College of Veterinary Medicine. This best-in-class environment facilitates the CRS’s translational studies.

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