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Help in the Fight Against COVID-19 (Glendale, Arizona)

COVID-19 & Vaccine Response Study

You may qualify to be in a nationwide, federally funded study.

Who can volunteer for this study?
Adults who meet one of the following criteria may be eligible*:

  • Already fully or partially vaccinated for COVID-19
  • Not yet vaccinated for COVID-19, but planning to be vaccinated
  • COVID-19 positive within 30 days

What will I have to do?
Come in for 3-7 visits over 2 years. Each visit will take about 20-30 minutes. During these visits, we will (a) have you complete a health questionnaire, and (b) collect blood, saliva and swab the inside of your nose (not an oropharyngeal swab).

How will my samples and information be used?
During the study, we will be collecting demographic and health related information to help researchers understand how the body responds to the virus which causes COVID-19 and the response to vaccinations.  Your health information and blood results will be kept confidential and be de-identified so that your personal information is removed.  However, the study results may be shared with the public.  Additional information will be discussed during your initial visit.

Will I be paid for participating in the study?
Qualifying participants will receive $50 Amazon gift card per visit for time and travel.

To schedule an appointment or for more information; please contact us:
Midwestern University
Clinical Research Services
Phone: 623.806.7659