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Tumor Imaging Study (status – completed)

Published on April 24, 2018 for the Veterinary Studies For Pets

We are currently looking for participants. If you are interested, please contact Institute for Healthcare Innovation.

Co-investigators:  Craig Woods DVM, MS, MBA and Chad VanDenBerg Pharm.D., MS.

Summary: This is a prospective clinical study in dogs to evaluate the ability of a tumor imaging agent to fluoresce during surgery.

General Study Procedures: Patients qualifying for the study will be administered the imaging agent, via intravenous injection, 72 to 24 hours before surgery.  During surgery, the tumor will be imaged using a special near-infrared camera.  After surgical removal, a portion of the tumor will be used for further histological and quantitative analysis.

General Eligibility: Dogs with non-hepatic solid tumors that are scheduled for surgical resection.  Other inclusion/exclusion will be discussed during owner consenting process.

The study related procedures are at no cost to dog owners.  If enrolled, dog owners will be credited $200 towards their surgery.