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Evaluation of a Chelating Agent in Dogs with Otitis Externa (status – completed)

Published on April 24, 2018 for the Veterinary Studies For Pets

We are currently looking for participants. If you are interested, please contact INSTITUTE FOR HEALTHCARE INNOVATION.

Co-investigators:  Craig Woods DVM, MS, MBA and Jason Eberhardt DVM, DACVIM.

Summary: This is a prospective, double-blind, clinical study comparing a chelating ear drop to an approved ear formulation in dogs with otitis externa.

General Study Procedures: Patients qualifying for the study will be administered ear drops twice per day for seven days, and clinically evaluated at baseline and Day 7 using a standardized score form.  Owners will be issued a questionnaire to be filled out at home during the course of the study.  Baseline ear swabs will be taken and used for culture of bacteria and yeast, and isolates identified using rRNA sequencing and MALDI-TOF.

General Eligibility: Dogs between 1 and 10 years of age with unilateral or bilateral otitis externa.  Dogs will be excluded for underlying skin conditions or endocrine disorders.

The study related procedures are at no cost to dog owners.  If enrolled, dog owners will be credited $50 towards at recheck for time and effort.